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The Bannochbrae Road Circuit at over 7.282lm (4.5 miles) long a wonderful road circuit along the shores of the loch and then under the bridge, then you start the climb up to Bannochbrae.

Some nice corners to negotiate on the way. Don’t get it wrong going through the small village or you may tap a wall or worse still make a real mess and end up in the bar of the local pub.

Some nice views as you now have a downward run all the way back to the loch , remember the bridge you went under now you are going over it then the steep drop with a jump if you are fast enough before again running alongside the shores of the loch back to the start finish

And that’s bannochbrae for you

Check the below info of the Bannochbrae Circuit

What have the fastest times been done for Bannochbrae Circuit on our VR Racing Rigs

Here are the racing stats we have captured, Bannochbrae Circuit

Why not call down and see if you can lap a better time.

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