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the ultimate Pass.

Play on everything – experience it all! Enjoy a premium gaming experience like no other with our incredible Ultimate Pass package. Enjoy 4 hours of adrenaline packed fun and play on all of the equipment we have in store! Are you ready for the ultimate gaming experience here at GAMEGRID, Stoke on Trent?

package includes:

  • Play on our VR Gaming Arenas!

  • Play on our VR Racing Simulators!
  • Play on our VR Treadmills!

  • Play on our VR Flying Motion Simulator!

  • Play on our VR Spaceship Motion Simulator!
  • Play on our PC e-sports Gaming Computers!
  • Play on our Retro Gaming Consoles!
  • Full access to our full VR games library!
  • One VR Escape Game experience included!
  • SAVE 40% (£40) vs buying experiences individually*
  • Play on our AR Shooting range

ultimate PASS

4 hours to play on everything in store! £60 per player.

Great experience. Staff were very accommodating and the variety of games was massive. Insanely immersive and 100% recommend!

L. Whittle, Nov 2022. Google

Brilliant place to go, not bad price and the guys are always on hand and so friendly. We will defo be back and highly recommend. Cant believe it is on our doorstep!

Han. H, Nov 2022. Google

A lot of fun, staff are friendly and relaxed. Happy to show you and walk you through all activities. Wide range of stuff to do. Good drinks selection and snacks are cheap. Walked in on a whim and came back the next day it was that enjoyable!

S Rainey, July 2023. Google

Great staff, modern, slick setup, clearly invested in the hardware and setup with the customer as the main focus. Took my nephew’s today as a treat with the Ultimate Pass. It was certainly a work out on the simulators! Thank you to the team and for the warm welcome.

Usman S, June 2023. Google

4 hours to play on everything in store.

After an induction on how to use all of our equipment, players will have 4 hours to enjoy playing on all of our equipment in store. Players can play for or as long or as little as they like on each piece of equipment in store during their session. The Ultimate Pass gives players complete flexibility and enough time to play on everything we have to offer. Perfect for those that aren’t sure what to play on and want the ultimate flexibility during an action packed visit!

Unbeatable value!

The Ultimate Pass package gives players access to play on all of the equipment we have in store during a 4 hour visit. Players will have access to our VR Gaming Arenas, VR Racing Simulators, VR Treadmills, VR Flying Motion Simulator, VR Spaceship Motion Simulator, PC e-sports Gaming Computers, Retro Gaming Consoles and one VR Escape Game experience during a 4 hour session. Players will rotate their time spent playing on each item of VR enabled equipment. Our team will be on hand to guide players and help them to spread their time playing across all of the equipment we have to offer.

  • The Ultimate Pass is for a 4 hour booking session.

  • With the exception of the VR Escape Game experience, players control how long they would like to play on each item of equipment within the 4 hour session time. 

  • The VR Escape Game experience included is for a maximum of one 60 minute timed escape attempt only. Additional attempts are subject to an additional charge.
  • Use of our coin-operated Pool Tables are not included in the Ultimate Pass package.
  • A full safety briefing and demonstration on how to use all of the equipment during your visit is provided to all players before using the equipment.
  • It is not possible to pause session time (i.e for breaks/drinks etc) once the induction has been completed and the session has started.

  • Players must be between 1.4m – 1.95m in height, not exceeding 130kgs (20 stone) in weight in order to play on our VR Treadmills.

  • Practice makes perfect. Players using our VR Treadmills for the first time will need to complete a mandatory 5 minute training tutorial to get used to the special movements required. This training period will be included as part of your session time.

  • Our VR Treadmills are a physical, full-body gaming experience. Players should be in good health and be prepared to run/walk on the sensor pad whilst using them.

  • Save time. Sign your waiver online before you arrive.

  • 1 supervising adult (18+) to remain on site per booking for any players aged 15 or younger.

  • You can wear prescription glasses inside the VR headsets.

  • We can restrict access to certain age-rated games. Please tell us at check-in.

  • Time spent in the headsets on any item of VR equipment cannot be shared with other players. See our booking terms.

*The Ultimate Pass offers unbeatable value. See below for a price costing example.

If you purchased the below individually:

    • 60 min VR Gaming Arena session:  £25.00pp
    • 20 min VR Treadmill session:  £20.00pp
    • 20 min VR Racing Simulator session:  £10.00pp
    • 60 min VR Escape Game session:  £25pp
    • 60 min PC e-sports Computer Gaming session:  £5.00pp
    • 30 min Retro Gaming session:  £5.00pp
    • 5 min VR Flying Motion Simulator session:  £5.00pp
    • 5 min VR Spaceship Motion Simulator session: £5.00pp
    • = TOTAL COST:  £100.00pp

The Ultimate Pass is only £60.00 per person. You save 40% (£40.00) when buying an Ultimate Pass, vs buying each experience individually.

 Changes to weekday opening hours:  You’ll now need to make a booking if you’d like to visit us during the week. More information 


Monday - Friday* *4pm - 9pm*
Saturday 10am - 9pm
Sunday 10AM - 9PM
Bank Holidays 12PM - 9PM

*Store open from 4pm midweek for bookings that have been made in advance only. Please check here for more information.


  Unit A, Astral House, Clough Street East. Hanley, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. ST1 4FB

  01782 906905



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