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VR Treadmills. Premium 360 locomotion.

Step on to the platform, strap yourself in, put on your headset and freely run, walk and perform a wide range of movements in the real world to move your character inside the game. Our VR Treadmills at GAMEGRID are a premium 360 locomotion virtual reality gaming experience offering complete immersion. Are you ready to physically step inside the game?

20 mins

Ideal as an introduction to this fully immersive VR locomotion experience.

40 mins

Enough time to have fun casually playing 1-2 VR Treadmill games with a friend.

60 mins

Get stuck into the epic campaigns of 1-2 VR Treadmill games with a friend.

VR Play Pass

Play on our VR Arenas, VR Treadmills, VR Flying Simulator and VR Racing Rigs during a 2 hour session.

Ultimate Pass

Play on all of our VR equipment + 1 Escape Game + Gaming PC's + Gaming Consoles during a 4 hour session.


Physically run inside the game.

After a mandatory 5 minute tutorial, players are safely harnessed into one of our VR Treadmills. As the player performs running or walking movements on the platform, sensors underneath translate these movements into your character’s movements inside the game. Now you can physically run for cover on the battlefield, out run a zombie attack and sprint to safety from chasing dinosaurs. Freely turn around, walk, run, sprint, strafe, crouch, or get down to take cover and pick up in game objects.

See our VR Treadmill compatible games you can play during your visit here.

Great new place, boys enjoyed all the different games. Staff friendly and informative. Brilliant fun!

J. Brown, Nov 2022. Facebook

My little boy has been a couple of times now and has a fantastic time! He loves it! Staff are really good and super helpful. We will be back… and back…. and back!

M. Harris, Nov 2022. Facebook

Such a breath of fresh air to have something like this and not have to travel miles. Brill atmosphere, very spacious, lots of variety of games etc. The staff couldn’t of been more helpful & patient. They even have consoles to go on if you should have to wait and do a lovely Coffee. Will defo be going back and highly recommend.

H. Harrop, Oct 2022. Facebook

Amazing place to go, staff are very friendly and accommodating. Nice and clean inside, will definitely be coming back more often.

Leanne S, Jan 2023. Google

Great experience. Staff were very accommodating and the variety of games was massive. Insanely immersive and 100% recommend!

L. Whittle, Nov 2022. Google

Brilliant place to go, not bad price and the guys are always on hand and so friendly. We will defo be back and highly recommend. Cant believe it is on our doorstep!

Han. H, Nov 2022. Google

Experiences you can't get at home.

Utilising cutting-edge technology developed by KAT-VR, our two omni-directional VR Treadmill platforms allow a player’s movement to translate to their character’s motion inside your game. It feels as if you are really there, right in the heart of the action. Choose from a great selection of over 25+ games. Our VR Treadmills bring a whole new level of immersion and realism to first person action or shooter games that you can’t replicate at home. 

  • Players must be between 1.4m – 1.95m in height, not exceeding 130kgs (20 stone) in weight in order to play on our VR Treadmills.
  • A full safety briefing and demonstration on how to use our VR Treadmills is provided to all players before using the equipment.
  • Shoes must be removed before stepping onto the VR Treadmills. Players must wear socks or tights to participate.
  • Practice makes perfect. Players using our VR Treadmills for the first time will need to complete a mandatory 5 minute training tutorial to get used to the special movements required. This training period will be included as part of your play time, although we always try to be as flexible as possible – subject to availability.
  • This is a physical, full-body gaming experience. Players should be in good health and be prepared to run/walk on the VR Treadmill’s base / sensor pad for the experience’s duration.
  • To give you the best experience possible, we do not recommend this experience for players that have not tried virtual reality before. Why not try our VR arenas instead?
  • Save time. Sign your waiver online before you arrive.
  • 1 supervising adult (18+) to remain on site per booking for any players aged 15 or younger.
  • You can wear prescription glasses inside the VR headset.
  • We can restrict access to certain age-rated games. Please tell us at check-in.
  • Please ensure that you book the correct amount of VR Treadmills for the number of players that want to play at the same time as you. Time spent in the headsets cannot be shared with other players. See our booking terms.