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Collect Cards, Build Decks

Whether they’re minions, spells, quests, or heroes, Hearthstone’s cards can dramatically change the game with powerful effects and crazy interactions. Stay on your toes and outsmart your opponent!

You’re a Hero

Play as a clever rogue, a powerful mage, or any other of the game’s ten hero classes – they’re all free!

Play Your Way

Hearthstone is for everyone. Practice your skills in Casual play, climb the ranks in Ranked mode, shake things up with crazy fun Tavern Brawls, test your luck in the Arena, play solo adventures against fiendishly clever computer opponents, and much, much more.

The Game That Keeps Growing

From the forbidding peaks of Blackrock Mountain to the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, from the creeping dark of The Witchwood to One (fabulous!) Night in Karazhan, new card sets keep the game fresh. Each expansion brings new cards and brand-new ways to play.


60 mins (OFF-PEAK)

60 mins of play on our high-end gaming computers during Monday - Friday (off-peak)

60 mins (PEAK)

60 mins of play on our high-end gaming computers on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday (peak)

Ultimate Pass

Play on all of our VR equipment + 1 Escape Game + Gaming PC's + Gaming Consoles during a 4 hour session.