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Survival Themed VR Escape Game Adventure

You were planning an unforgettable vacation trip with your friends. However, you did not expect it to turn into a survival quest.

Lightning struck the plane and it crashed next to a small uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. The cockpit transmitter is malfunctioning and doesn’t let you tune it to the radio wave you need to call for salvation. Who knows how long you will have to wait until the search team finds you…

In the meantime, you are shocked, frightened and suffering from hunger. There are no supplies and nothing but wild nature around you. The weather is getting worse and you need a place to hide.

You and your team will need to use your critical thinking to survive. Investigate what can be found on the island and how it can help you to stay alive. Can you survive and escape from the island in just 60 minutes?

This VR Escape Game Experience is an adventure for all of the family to enjoy – suitable for players aged 8+

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Solo play


Team of 2

£24 pp

Team of 3

£23 pp

Team of 4

£22 pp

Team of 5

£21 pp

Team of 6

£20 pp