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Sign your waiver online

All players taking part in a booked activity at GAMEGRID, Stoke on Trent need to complete a liability waiver before they can play. To save time, you can sign your waiver online ahead of your visit.

  • Any children under the age of 18 years must have their waiver completed by an adult aged over 18 years. This adult must be the parent or guardian that will attend the booking to supervise children whilst they are playing.

A seperate individual waiver form must be completed for any players aged 18+ years or above.

Already signed your waiver?

Once you fill out a waiver form, it will be stored securely on your account – linked to your email address. You only need to complete your waiver form once and it will be good for all future visits. You do not need to fill out a waiver form if you have previously signed a waiver / played at the store before.

  • Any players aged 18 years or above will need to complete their own individual waiver. Use the “ADULTS AGED 17+” option.
  • Any children aged under 18 years will need to have their waiver completed by a parent or guardian aged 18+.
  • If multiple children are attending a booking, then use the “x1 OR MORE CHILDREN PLAYING” option. You can add multiple children’s details on to the same waiver form. If the adult attending the booking is also playing, then they’ll need to complete their own waiver form afterwards.