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Final fantasy xiv

Join Over 27 Million Players Worldwide! embark on an unforgettable adventure all the way to level 60.

live your story

Become the warrior of light, and fight to deliver the realm from certain destruction.

fight your way

choose a job that suits your style, and team up with friends overcome countless challenges.

Choose your race, clan, and gender as you freely customise your appearance down to the finest detail!

With 14 different jobs to pick from, including some fan favourites from throughout FINAL FANTASY history!

Join forces with your friends to overcome countless challenges and share the glory!

Party battle!

Form parties with other adventurers, raid dungeons, and defeat monsters together! Choose the content you want to experience and you’ll be smoothly matched with others challenging the same goal. Whether starting solo, or with friends, you’ll be on the path to victory in no time!

Play your way

Take it easy and play the game your way — whether that’s crafting, fishing, or finding the perfect outfit.


60 mins (OFF-PEAK)

60 mins of play on our high-end gaming computers during Monday - Friday (off-peak)

60 mins (PEAK)

60 mins of play on our high-end gaming computers on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday (peak)

Ultimate Pass

Play on all of our VR equipment + 1 Escape Game + Gaming PC's + Gaming Consoles during a 4 hour session.