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Become Godlike in SMITE, the action MOBA featuring legendary mythological icons. Wield Thor’s hammer, turn your foes to stone as Medusa, or flex your divine power as one of 100+ playable Gods. No matter your skill level, SMITE has something for you!

If you’re new to SMITE, you’re in the right place. Explore the following pages to learn the basics of the game, understand the Gods and game modes, and then join over 35 million players in celebrating our community.

Choose Your God

With an ever-expanding roster of over 100 Gods spanning across numerous pantheons from around the world, we want you to feel empowered to dominate the Battleground with a unique set of playable characters. Curious to see what god matches your play style? Click here to learn more!

Meet The Classes

With over 100 unique Gods to choose from, SMITE offers options for any kind of playstyle. In SMITE, Gods are typically categorized into five classes that fill five unique roles:

  • Assassin
  • Guardian
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Warrior
  • Conquest

Conquest is our premiere competitive mode and features a three-lane map surrounded by a jungle area. Your base, defended by three Phoenixes and a Titan, sits on one end. Your enemy’s base is on the other.

  • Arena

    The gladiators have called out for help and the gods have answered. The Arena game mode is a brawling deathmatch where your goal is to defeat enemy players and their minions by reducing their side’s ticket count to zero. Average game time is around 15 minutes.

  • Assault

    Assault is similar to the regular conquest mode, but instead features a single lane and no jungle. Your goal is to help protect your base while attacking your enemies’ defences.

  •  Joust

    Joust mode features a single-lane map and a side jungle. Your base, defended by one Phoenix and a Titan, sits on one end. Your enemy’s base is on the other. Average game time is around 15 minutes.

  • Slash

    Slash is a fun 5v5 mode highlighting the Egyptian and Maya Pantheons in SMITE. The Slash map features two lanes surrounded by a jungle area. This game also includes unique objectives like Apophis, a strong jungle camp, and Juggernauts, Apophis’s chosen warriors to help . A standard Slash game will take about 20 minutes, and you’ll earn the standard match rewards for this mode.


60 mins (OFF-PEAK)

60 mins of play on our high-end gaming computers during Monday - Friday (off-peak)

60 mins (PEAK)

60 mins of play on our high-end gaming computers on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday (peak)

Ultimate Pass

Play on all of our VR equipment + 1 Escape Game + Gaming PC's + Gaming Consoles during a 4 hour session.