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paragon: the overprime


Paragon: The Overprime is an action TPS MOBA that anyone can play. Choose one of the heroes with original skills, destroy the enemy’s base, and claim it as your own. Experience the synesthetic actions from third-person view and the countless possible strategies from the synergy between heroes and in-game items. Each game you play will be an exciting new challenge.

Dedicated Cinematics for Each Hero

Each hero has come to Prime for their own reasons. Play the hero of your choice on the Prime battlefield. Upgrade your hero’s unique skills to improve your play and master the game in your own way. And don’t forget, Prime is always attracting more original heroes to the planet.


Most heroes have five skills: a basic attack, three unique skills, and an ultimate skill.
The initial level of the three unique skills (Q, E, RMB) is Level 1,
and it can be increased using Skill Points obtained by leveling up.
An ultimate skill (R) can be obtained at Level 6.



60 mins (OFF-PEAK)

60 mins of play on our high-end gaming computers during Monday - Friday (off-peak)

60 mins (PEAK)

60 mins of play on our high-end gaming computers on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday (peak)

Ultimate Pass

Play on all of our VR equipment + 1 Escape Game + Gaming PC's + Gaming Consoles during a 4 hour session.