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Team Fortress 2


In most game modes, BLU and RED compete for a combat-based objective. 

Players can choose to play as one of nine character classes in these teams, each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and weapon sets. In order to accomplish objectives efficiently, a balance of these classes is required due to how these strengths and weaknesses interact with each other in a team-based environment.

Game modes

Core game modes

Team Fortress 2 contains five core game modes.

  • Attack/Defend is a timed game mode in which the BLU team’s goal is to capture RED control points. The number of control points varies between maps, and the points must be captured by the BLU team in respective order. To capture a control point, a player must stand on it for a certain amount of time. This process can be sped up by more players on one team capturing a single point. Once a control point is captured by the BLU team, it cannot be re-captured by the RED team. The RED team’s job is to prevent the BLU team from capturing all the control points before the time limit ends. Once a point is captured, the time limit will extend.
  • Capture the Flag is a mode which revolves around the BLU and RED teams attempting to steal and capture the opposing team’s flag, represented in-game as an intelligence briefcase. At the same time, both teams must defend their own intelligence. When the intelligence is dropped by the carrier – either by dying or dropping it manually, it will stay on the ground for 1 minute before returning to its original location if it is not picked up again. A team’s intelligence can only be carried by the opposing team. The first team to capture the enemy’s intelligence three times wins.[22]
  • Control Points  is a timed game mode where there are several control points placed around the map, with 3 or 5 control points in total depending on the map. These are referred to as “3CP” and “5CP,” respectively. The game will start off with only the middle control point being available for capture, with the other control points split equally among both teams. Once this middle control point is captured, a team can begin capturing the enemy team’s points in respective order. The time limit is extended on the capture of a control point by either team. For a team to win, they must capture all the control points within the time limit.
  • King of the hill is a timed game mode that contains a single control point at the middle of the map that can be captured by both the RED and BLU teams. Upon capturing the control point, a team-specific timer starts counting down but stops upon the point being captured by the opposing team. The first team to have their timer count down to 0 wins.
  • Payload  is a timed game mode where the BLU team must push an explosive cart along a track, while the RED team must prevent the cart from reaching their base. To push the cart, at least one BLU player must stay within the range of the cart, which will dispense health and ammo every few seconds. The cart’s speed will increase as more BLU players attempt to push it. Payload maps have multiple “checkpoints” along the track. Once these checkpoints are captured, they may adjust the spawn locations of both teams. Capturing a checkpoint will also increase the time limit. If the cart is not pushed by the BLU team for 20 seconds, it will begin to move back to the last captured checkpoint, where it will stop. The RED team can stop the cart from being pushed by being within range of it. The RED team wins by preventing the cart from reaching the final checkpoint before time runs out.


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