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Try racing the Ford RS200 Evolution Group B (1986) in VR on our Motion Simulator Racing.

The RS200 was firstly a road legal car that was then developed into a rally variant as required by rally rules of at least a road legal version of the car existing.

The car was originally rear wheel drive and turbocharged but was later adapted into 4 wheel drive to compete with its main competitors at the time of Audio and Peugeot. If you are looking for a historic car that packs a punch then look no further.

Ford are one of the most world renowned automotive brands and have a reputation worldwide for developing some of the most iconic road and motorsports cars. Some of the cars performances entail 0-60mph in 3.09 seconds and a top speed of 160mph.

Ford RS200 Evolution Group B (1986)

Check the below specs of the Ford RS200 Evolution Group B below:

What fastest times have been done on our VR Racing Rigs in the Ford RS200 Evolution Group B?

Here are the racing stats we have captured, Ford RS200 Evolution Group B

Why not call down and see if you can do a better lap time!

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