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Players – 1 

Tales of the Rocks

Shaped by both primal elements and human hands, Belogradchik is a natural wonder, a fortified stronghold, a place of beauty, mystery, and legend.

Spanning an area of 50 square kilometers, this place in modern-day Bulgaria has been a cradle of humanity and a silent scene to its wars.

Throughout the millennia, the Belogradchik fortress and its surrounding rock formations have attracted everyone: from the first humans to holy knights, from scientists to spinners of tales.

The curious shapes of the Rocks come with their own legends: a mother’s heart-breaking story, a rebel’s last stand against the enemy, the forever abandoned Eagle’s Rock.

A virtual world that feels real

ZenArt is on the cutting edge of 3D scanning technology. Our wide range of surfaces, textures, and materials, not only look stunning at first glance but hold up on close inspection. We use powerful tools to render photoreal images in real time, while our post-processing technology allows us to put the finishing touches for a Hollywood-grade image quality.


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