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Players – 1 

Fought on September 8, 1380, the Battle of Kulikovo is considered one of the biggest events of the 14th century that united Rus peoples. Scientists continue searching for traces of the battle. Now you can also join an archaeological expedition, find and restore artifacts to re-enact those historical events.

Swords and spears, armor and arrows, coins and bullets. Dig into the artifacts from different eras with the opportunities offered by a field laboratory. Game developers spent time in the Kulikovo Field Museum depository to recreate accurate copies of real archaeological finds collected over decades.

Learn about Russian warriors’ full armor and its actual weight, and archers’ medieval multitool. You can witness scenes from across the ages that the Kulikovo Field remembers.

Reconstruct a combat bow and test it at a shooting range. Pick an arrowhead to hit different types of armor. Practice your aiming skills and get promoted to the next military rank.

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