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Players 1 – 2

Welcome to War Dust
War Dust VR is a large-scale multiplayer action-arcade shooter with an official rotation of 20 maps and a workshop of player-modded maps. Single-player mode is also under development for those who want to fight with all bots. War Dust hosts the largest multiplayer VR battles with 32v32 soldiers on bio-diverse battlefields filled with vehicles. It is a community-led game, with experienced players recently added to the DEV team, and a very active and vocal player base guiding ongoing development.

Large-Scale Tactical Warfare in Virtual Reality
War Dust VR Official Rotation has conquest-style game play, where the goal is to capture control points and kill enemies. An XP system unlocks weapons, accessories, skins, and ammunition types. The game has 5 types of vehicles, 15 types of guns, 3 support spawnables, 2 types of grenades, many types of ammunition and accessories, and 80+ weapon skins. There are four classes to choose from, Assault, Engineer, Support and Scout. Official rotation has 14 day and night maps and 6 alpha variant maps.

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