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Players – 1 

Welcome to the Apollo VR Planetarium.

Constructed to celebrate the launch of Apollo 11, NASA’s first mission to land humans on the moon. It is a state-of-the-art facility with the latest opto-mechanical starball, film projectors and the first ever holoscope!
Take a seat behind the control desk and use your VR controllers to explore each console.


Your planetarium comes equipped with the ability to watch eye-popping trailers and full-length immersive films which are out of this world. Put a video tape in the player and enjoy the show!
Includes trailers for the following NSC Creative planetarium shows:

CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story
We Are Stars
We Are Aliens
Astronaut 3D

3 full-length planetarium shows are available as DLC:

CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story (Paid)
We Are Stars (Paid)
ISS 360° Tour with Tim Peake (Free)


Everyone enjoys a nice relaxing tour of the night sky. Your new star projector can resolve over a billion stars and has custom space race themed constellation artwork slides. Change the procession to see the cosmos roll past overhead. (Please note this is not a 100% accurate simulation of the night sky).


No other planetarium in the world has one of these. Grab an object from your desk and place it on the transmogrification pad to project a holographic visualization into the planetarium. You can almost reach out and touch it! Hear about the amazing feats of engineering that took Apollo Astronauts to the moon and back.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions for new features.

App and 360° films produced by NSC Creative, the immersive storytelling studio based at the National Space Centre, UK.

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